WiFi Tapestry, waves affecting objects’ nature


The visualisation of wi-fi networks has been a relatively popular topic among media artists. From the induced wounds of “Constraint City” by Gordan Savicic, to the generated light in “Immaterials” by Timo Arnall, the objective has been to render visible something that like any other electro-magnetic wave is invisible. Particularly, the omnipresence of these networks urges their visibility as our bodies are crossed by such waves, which we consider essential to stay connected. “WiFi Tapestry” by Richard Vijgen makes a straightforward visualisation, through sophisticated analogue means. He uses a tapestry made of thermochromic yarns. The 13 channels of the wi-fi spectrum are scanned and when a transfer is detected, it affects the yarns, making them change their colour from navy blue to silver and back, with patterns which form and dissolve. This visualisation affects a renowned physical object, changing its nature in the same unnatural way the waves probably affect our lives.


Richard Vijgen – WiFi Tapestry