Climoji, climate change emoji set


Calling emoji a medium doesn’t sound too exaggerated now. New emoji are decided by the Unicode Consortium, a group of hardware and software corporations and volunteers fond of software, encoding and linguistics, based in the Silicon Valley. They receive many submissions, but release only one hundred new emojis every year. There are 2600 different emojis worldwide right now, and according to Facebook 60 million of them are used every day on its platform. They’re intended as a medium by Viniyata Pany, Marina Zurkow and Manuja Waldia. Their “Climoji” is a set of emoji-like pictures which is meant to put the climate change discourse at the centre of our personal and public communication, infiltrating one of the most used media. They are released as a sticker pack, but also as a PNG poster. The semiotic re-appropriation of one of the crucial elements of our instant communication is embedded in this work, which should be fostered to become a case of a debated submission.