::vtol:: | until i die, transfused sounds


The association between ‘blood’ and ‘life’ is an ancestral one. When blood is then displaced out of the body, it is then perceived as weakness and possible death, as life itself has been partially sucked out of the involved person. Dmitry Morozov aka ::vtol:: inverts this association in his “until i die” installation. After drawing blood from his body, he restores ‘life’ to it through biochemistry. He uses blood-filled “batteries” that power a small algorithmic synth module, which plays a sound through a small speaker. It took 18 months for Morozov to collect all 4.5 litres of the blood necessary to power the installation. It’s an ephemeral installation lasting only 8 hours. “until i die” is a synthesis of human ambition and limits, of our inventive but fragile nature, and of our unique ability to address the complexity of living. It brings life in such a vivid form, together with its resounding end, after a committed preparation and a predictable process, finally emerging as a distinctive symbol of our essences.


  • ::vtol:: until I die