Neural 56, Intelligently Weak + extra: foldable “Impossible Escapes” map and essay by Critical Media Lab


Neural 56, Intelligently Weak + extra: foldable “Impossible Escapes” map and essay by Critical Media Lab. Subscribe now!

Issue #56, Winter 2016 ISSN: 2037-108X

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  • Eric Drass /
  • Gene Kogan
  • Florian Hecker
  • Ben Bogart
  • Jonas Lund


  • AI representation in Black Mirror tv series
  • Machine Fallibility and Emergent Weirdness


  • Burak Arikan, Data Asymmetries
  • Fear and Love


  • Victory of the sun, light sufficiency
  • Interface I, system tension and complexity
  • Dreams Rewired, looking back to look forward
  • Decalcomania!, subversive beauty device
  • How We Act Together, screen based human imitation
  • The Last Gun, sounds in armed disconcert
  • Micro-ritmos, AI orchestrating bacteria
  • Ad lib., discreet machine requiem
  • machine brut(e), temporal monolithism
  • Lost in binary Translation, digitising mechanically
  • Flying Pantograph, pipelining transposed drawing
  • Randomly Generated Social Interactions, autocratic speed dating
  • Inibition, stay unfocused
  • Fly AI, crucial system mistakes
  • Can’t Help Myself, helpless concerned robots


  • Tear Gun, fragility-loaded weapon


  • edited by Grant Wythoff / The Perversity of Things
  • Ulises Carrión / Dear reader, Don’t read
  • Ned Rossiter / Software, Infrastructure, Labor
  • edited by Lena Brüggermann, Francis Hunger / Search Routines: Tales of Databases
  • Benjamin H. Bratton / The Stack, On Software and Sovereignty
  • VV.AA. / Sound Development City – Artist Expedition 2015
  • Abteilung Kunst und Kultur Amt der… / Bernhard Leitner: Ton – Raum – Skulptur
  • Jason Kahn / Errant Bodies Press
  • Mikel R.Nieto / Dark Sound
  • VV.AA. / Dirty Ear Report #2
  • Yuk Hui / On the Existence of Digital Objects
  • VV.AA. /
  • Nick Couldry, Andreas Hepp / The Mediated Construction of Reality
  • edited by Ryszard W. Kluszczyński / Patrick Tresset
  • edited by Samuel Bianchini, Erik Verhagen / Practicable

cd reviews

  • Le Forbici di Manitù & Friends: Tinnitus Tales: Sussidiaria
  • C. Bacchus, J. Nechvatal, B. Sifichi, R. Chatham: Destroyer of Naivetés: Computer Virus 1.0: Entr’acte
  • Soojin Anjou, Askat Jetigen, Robert Lippok: Gletschermusik: Folk Wisdom
  • VVAA curated by Francisco López: audio-DH: sonic manifestations by 250 creators from The Hague: iii
  • Ply: Sans Cesse: Warm
  • Pauline Oliveros + Musiques Nouvelles: Four Meditations / Sound Geometries: Sub Rosa
  • Jos Smolders: Exercises in Modular Synthesis and Field Recording – Nowhere: Crónica
  • Keith Rowe, Martin Küchen: The Bakery: Mikroton
  • Jonas Olesen: Test: BIN
  • IOKOI: Liquefy: OUS
  • Ilpo Väisänen: Syntetisaattori Musiikkia Kuopiosta: Kvitnu
  • Hexorcismos: Desesperanza: RecursosRenovables
  • Anne-James Chaton, Thurston Moore, Andy Moor: Heretics: Unsounds
  • Franz Kirmann: Elysian Park: Denovali
  • Franck Vigroux: Rapport Sur Le Désordre: DAC
  • ensemBle baBel, Christian Marclay: Screen Play: Aussenraum
  • Angus Carlyle: In The Shadow Of The Silent Mountain: Gruenrekorder
  • Alessandro Incorvaia: Check Out: Not On Label
  • Lustmord: Dark Matter: Touch
  • Oren Ambarchi: Hubris: Mego