Pierce Warnecke – Memory Fragments


CD – Room 40

Born in California in 1983, Pierce Warnecke worked for 10 years in France and then in Berlin, where some years ago he completed his Meisterschüler studies at Universität der Kunst. From there he moved to Spain, where he is now based. Memory Fragments is the debut long-player by this composer and media-artist whose focus is equally split between audio research and visual art. Warnecke develops a coherent approach to the modulation of sounds, silences and textures, pure synthetic pulsations, electronic interferences, field recordings and manipulations of found objects. The artist wishes to illustrate how the two distinct parts of the composition (“Hidden Beyond the Rays of Sunlight” and “Cold As The Dust of Time Settled”) are connected, emphasising that “reality is precise, memory isn’t,” infusing the narrative with the aesthetic qualities of recollection. Experience is never as exact as the original moment and this makes memory a volatile storage medium, subject to impermanence, with the electroacoustic abstractions that cover a wide range of tones, sometimes with futuristic and cinematic solutions, glitches and calibrated distortions, in other passages with drone, temporal suspensions and treatments from acousmatic qualities. The effect is very aesthetic, an imaginary and vague transformation process which in turn leads to a gradual rarefaction of sequences.


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