Poetic Router, the Internet of poetry


The small blinking plastic boxes that forge a connection with the digital world (and the upcoming Internet of Things (IoT)) have become ubiquitous in private houses, in much the same way as analogue TV sets were a few decades ago. Their pivotal role in connecting the architectural inside with the outside is often technically challenged by artistic works that reprogram their inner functionality. Saurabh Datta works along these lines in “Poetic Router,” but with a different purpose. He creates a slick “middleman router” connecting to home routers and other connectable devices he finds and monitoring their traffic to servers. Then he scrapes the data, downloading the server’s html pages. Finally he generates poems through a created corpus, reciting them aloud with speech software and through a connected FM radio. Reminiscent of early experiments such as Radioqualia’s Free Radio Linux, this machine can be a prototype of the automatic poet-in-residence, implemented in routers as an advanced feature.


  • Poetic Router