Diatribes & Cristián Alvear – Roshambo (trio)


3“CDR – 1000füssler

Roshambo (trio) consists of one track of 23 minutes and 16 seconds recorded in Santiago, Chile, in December 2014, at the Madre Selva studio. Recorded by Alfonso Pérez its hypnotic and meditative tones continues to resonate, triggered by calibrated drones, silences and sudden quiet restarts. This elegant, immersive symphony draws the listener into an enchantment that is difficult to describe. Diatribes is a duo based in Geneva comprised of Cyril Bondi (percussion, objects) and D’engraved (laptop). On this occasion they are joined by the tonal nuances of Chilean Christian Alvear on guitar. Together they skillfully produce rarefied and inspired atmospheres, producing tracks that are also a bit unsettling, incomplete and delicate. 1000füssler are accustomed to this kind of sonic experiment. Even the CD 3″ format helps to immediately identify an unconventional approach, one imbued with so many suggestions and dilated sequences, breaths and hums, obtained by Alvear carefully manipulating, vibrating, brushing or tapping surfaces. The composition was previously released in duo version on the “A new castle” album. It is not immediately apparent if there are field recordings in this work. What seems more certain, however, is that the present release is a kind of enhanced version with the contributions of Alvear to produce a more feverish and acoustic impression. ‘Recombination’ is the term that best describes this remarkable process, imbued with different aesthetics and musical wisdoms, which are shared but are also very intimate and sensitive, in a stylistic path that is defined by sound choices, in a very responsive and always complicit union. Embracing an approach that is also free form, each of the musicians adds subtle textures that become sedimented between silences and stylized acoustic-electronic treatments, evanescent and abstract, which are structured in progressive waves in ethereal and somewhat sidereal flows, beatific but still not entirely pacified.


1000fussler | Diatribes & Cristián Alvear – Roshambo Excerpt