Radioson – радиосон


60″ cassette – Helen Scarsdale Agency

Released under the insignia of the Helen Scarsdale Agency, this latest work by Radioson engages themes of global conspiracy implied in narratives such as those related to Area 51 or in reports on Roswell. The latter is a classic for UFOlogists but also the name of a teen drama that tells of a group of extraterrestrials that live incognito in New Mexico. References to parapsychological experiments of all kinds are not excluded: Radioson mixed everything embracing a total paranoid aesthetic experience, surrounded by the themes and suggestions of a psychic warfare and of “radio biological waves mental transmission”, themes from which the title of the project – радиосон – is inspired. Like many of the latest releases on this label, the sounds –dark, cyber and dystopian – see the light on a sixty minute cassette. In this case, however, the rumble of interference is further enhanced through the analog medium, both for the vintage suggestions of themes and for the intrinsic quality of the patterns, which at times grow very scuffed and enchanting. We are not even far from the cold wave except that the sequences here are particularly iterate and obsessive, with larval melodies that peep out only in track two, in our opinion the most significant and poetic of the whole album. The sounds produced cross genres and embody very different musical approaches, from ambient to rock and from glitch quietism to a sort of rarefied and minimal esoterica, in a distorted ecstasy of shortwaves and synthesizers. The list of the equipment used is worthy of note too: a reel to reel magnetophone Astra110, a Jupiter 203 stereo, a Uher 4200 Report, a Degen 1103, a Polivox, a Korg ESX and a Aiwa 929.


Radioson – радиосон | Helen Scarsdale