Mural – Tempo


3 CD box set – Sofa

Tempo is a very interesting 3-CD box set published by Sofa and recorded live during a 4-hour performance held at the Rothko Chapel in 2013. The jam was led by the improvisation trio Mural: Australian saxophonist and flautist Jim Denley and Norwegian guitarist Kim Myhr and percussionist Ingar Zach. Mural acts at the intersection of many different genres, adopting an original free-form guise in the balance between contemporary jazz and electroacoustic. The mood is dynamic but with subtle and speculative moments. We are reminded of the choreography of Steve Paxton, or some kind of dynamic meditation in which adaptability and the relationship between participants is key. The three musicians seem to strive for variations in repetition, while there is a noticeable play of more modular and structured references in most full and chaotic moments. Ringing, controlled feedbacks, ancestral chants, bass and resonant tunes: this is a harmony to be put in place, made up of inspired moments and dilated interludes, empty and full, yin and yang. Tempo is a cosmos in miniature, pointing us to what can be found in the smallest details, the continuum has no reference point and the brittle sound evolutions proliferate with kindness and a sense of immanence while remaining linked to feelings of spirituality. It should be noted that the tracks published in the release do not correspond to a continuous recording of the concert. Each of the three CDs can be appreciated in its own right, in isolation from the others.


Mural – Tempo – Sofa (First Part)