Crypto Tropic – Crypto Tropic


12″ – Le Cabanon

Crypto Tropic comes from Le Cabanon Records, a label created in 2013 that promotes new sonic and graphic landscapes. There are ten tracks submitted and none of these exceeds six minutes, with several that are much shorter, for a total of just over thirty minutes. A map accompanies the black vinyl record to find special items in various secret locations and the area of exploration is that of a dreamlike and ancestral horizon, made of ruins and primordial ravines, nature and ambivalent weaves between rural and built-up zones. The combination of polyrhythms, of field recordings, synthesized sounds and sampled, electronic peregrinations is rather delicate and elegant, though not without piercing moments. Crypto Tropic is a psychogeographic soundtrack exploration of old abandoned places, exhibiting the decay of architectural columns and foundations, embracing the environment through moods of a gradual and constant mutation. Here the sounds are expressed in a constant flow of transition, fleetingly ambiguous and impalpable, sometimes psychedelic or exotically orientated, symphonic or more experimental, at other times enchanted or hallucinatory snapshots, both ancient and hyper-contemporary. Thomas and Francois juxtapose arpeggios and digital digressions more closely following a narrative path than that resulting from an audio treatment ‘in the field’. The result is no less coherent or fascinating, but also testifies to how many different ways and nuances can coexist in current site-specific musical research.


Crypto Tropic / EP OUT on Le Cabanon records