Drumcorps – Falling Forward


CD – Ad Noiseam

Coming out nine years after Grist (Ad Noiseam adn70, 2006), an album that gave rise to intense live shows and built a considerable fanbase for Drumcorps, Falling Forward does not disappoint, even if after all this time the industrial, metal and breakcore scenes are certainly changed. This change is down to new genres and influences that have appeared on the horizon, but also to changes in music consumption such as streaming platforms that lead to different forms of listening. Despite twitchy sequences, fuzzy glitches and devastating cuts and hitches this hovers between the grooves of mutant 90’s grunge sound. Mike Justian (Madball) graces three tracks with his powerful and soulful metalcore drumming, Leo Miller (Animosity) contributes his trademark heavy vocal on two tracks, and Iggor Cavalera, Brazilian drummer (Ex-Sepultura, Mixhell), completes the circle of partnerships in order to build a massive rhythmic structure. At Ad Noiseam, they are accustomed to dense riffs, to feedback and to the most chaotic and paroxysmal noise contaminations. Indeed, the Bostonian master – a musician skilled in organising distorted and blunt hardcore breakbeats – could not find better for this album. Glitch aesthetics and malfunction were seminal inspirations for breakcore genre.
Aaron Spectre – the real name behind the moniker – wanted to insist on this influence in the forced accelerations of sounds and in the vocal distortions on the track. The artwork too is involved in this glitch concept with a distorted and pixelated image.


Drumcorps – Falling Forward (Full Album)