Eric Lunde – Short Bursts Of Light


CD/CDR + Book – Mimehaus

A new technology allows you to copy objects and people. We are in the field of science fiction, or, if you prefer, fiction science. Eric Lunde, whom we remember for Audio Demonstrations on Amalgamated Torso And Such, is an American musician and a very eclectic artist. Besides his musical releases and his artwork he has also published a book of poetry. Now at last he puts these complementary vocations together, creating a project part unconventional narrative text – a kind of “oblique” novel in the manner of William S. Burroughs (or Kathy Acker) – and part readings of the book on CD. These 518 pages are at the crossroads between art theory, poetry and sound research and the 10 recording are dense with contradictory suggestions, space-machinic impulses, industrial dizziness, sonic eddies and aural hyperboles. There are two CDs (a CD and a CDR) published by Mimehaus attached to this edition. The CD contains the readings, the CDR only the sounds used during the performance, which seems appropriate for this type of release. Lunde always has fun: in one section he threads a hip hop rap out of a puzzle of stinging abstract sounds. The book is also playful, with characters that alter in size and words that repeat for pages, culminating in a sort of “typography aphasia”, with letters partially deleted or barely recognizable. This is the first instalment of the Mimeoverse trilogy and is a work both cinematic in its scope and experimental in its pursuit.