Cuckoo, invisible encryption on social networks


The ubiquitousness of social networks and their massive number of users makes them the most popular online platform ever realised. But the level of authority control over such platforms is also massive even if its not particularly perceived by users. “Cuckoo” by Jochen Maria Weber addresses this series of facts turning these platforms into something else. He tries to “hide” confidential information there, instead of making it as public as possible. The project encrypts messages into “randomly generated words, meanings and noise”, spreading them on multiple networks simultaneously and then using them to form other sentences posted on social networks surrounded by “noisy” randomly generates ones. A receiving Cuckoo-unit can filter and decrypt the messages according to the encryption methods and time stamp. Being as Weber defines it “an egg in the others’ nests” it facilitates the temporary re-appropriation of these platforms, skilfully preserving privacy.


Project Cuckoo