Snowden Bust, serial 3D DIY monuments


The power of a shared 3D file is its ubiquitousness and infinite duplicability. Being usually used for private or commercial purposes 3D prints have plenty of potential for reality interventions. Tider and Greenspan perfectly couple this technology with a celebration of Edward Snowden. They have created and distributed a 3D file on Thingiverse that is an accurate bust of Snowden. There has already been some public initiatives to create Snowden’s monuments in public places without any kind of authorisation. The idea of having citizens making their own “print” and invading public spaces describes a very horizontal scenario, with tools aimed to liberate people from their own constrains. The materiality of 3D printing (on demand) becomes then public and poetically can invade space. The seriality determines, instead, a different approach to sculpture, allowing digital artefacts to change the strict unicity embedded in the nature of monuments.


Edward Snowden Bust