Jonáš Gruska – Vzduchotechnika



These are essentially field recordings taken from ventilation systems inaccessible to the public in a soviet-era market – Tržnica na Trnavskom Mýte – in Bratislava. Selected by Jonáš Gruska, they have been divided into ten different tracks for this release on LOM. Gruska is a musician, field recordist and sound engineer who experiments mostly with computers, modular synths and DIY electronics. He has also published on Kvitnu in 2013 under the moniker “Binmatu”. During two separate recording sessions, the Polish performer captured various sequences and a series of repetitive drones, taking a site-specific approach and favouring industrial and machinic moods. This project was born out of integration with the surrounding environment, exploring the topography of the spaces under investigation in subtle and particular ways, often focusing on a specific vibration from a valve or an atypical ticking noise from a machine. Jonáš Gruska is a reference point in experimental music and contemporary art in Eastern Europe. He is often at the centre of workshops on city sonification and programming for artists. His projects also focus on more public sounds – as with Rury, which was recorded at the Tutti Frutti Festival. Vzduchotechnika is an intense production that stays close to its conceptual origins and capably holds the attention of the listener.


Jonáš Gruska – Vzduchotechnika (teaser)


Jonáš Gruska: Rúry