Asmus Tietchens – Fahl


CD – Farmacia901

The three digital compositions that constitute this project are the result of an exhaustive “recycling”, rather than remixing. Author Asmus Tietchens questions the necessity of creating original music when “digital and analogue tools allow us to derive nearly every sonic event from nearly every other sonic event.” Theory, however, is only one thing. In practice there are always unexpected surprises, which often result from the ability of listeners to shift and alter perspective and perception. Understanding any aural concatenation requires active listening and the recalibration of our sensory systems. These six to seven minute-long tracks progress in a slow abstract manner. Airy and full of character, they oscillate between liquefied, granular, punctiform and spacey textures. Fabio Perletta, head honcho of Farmacia 901, will be proud of hosting this project. The unusual structures posses a vibrational quality that is highly addictive and emotional. Abstract and enjoyable, the sequences evolve harsher and sometimes dark atmospheres. Tietchens displays subtle control over dynamics and texture, and the harmonic content of the work is complex and resonant. The first song in the lineup creates a gradual crescendo that feels intimate and molecular, almost suggesting the idea of inhospitable landscapes. This is followed by even more quietist and profound insertions, with cascading drones punctuated by thinner audio emergencies, before closing with a passage of intricate and beautiful abstractions.


Asmus Tietchens – Fahl (Excerpt)