Chdh – Egregore Source


booklet, USB Flash Drive –

The packaging of this release immediately attracts our attention: a 16×29 cm hardcover in opaque black with the CHDH crew logo, a USB, and grey fold-out pages containing theoretical texts and explanatory diagrams. Égregore Source aims to publish the source code of CHDH collective performances in the form of software that allows other users to manipulate and use the data for their own projects. Not simply an exercise in documentary making, the project actively engages with the idea of community interaction, “to develop a broadcasting structure for a networked audiovisual performance.” The work was produced by Art Kill Art with help from Césaré, iMAL , HS63, DICREAM, AFIM and AKA 13. Interpretations of the piece are possible through a data flow activated by the software provided. Data is then stored on a server, remaining accessible and usable via the same program. The authors speak of the release of code as a contemporary format, allowing “processes and evolutive structures to be published, allowing at once openness and reproducibility”. The original 2011 performance was a meticulous modulation of sounds and images, deploying a crowd of particles that explode, reorganise and blend into more or less coherent structures, moving between chaotic evolution and cohesive grouping. The stage for this new conceptualisation is the internet itself and potential artists can meet and participate on May 27th, 2015 to create a new version of the performance.


chdh – egregore source