Yaxu – Peak Cut


USB Flash Drive – Computer Club

This is the second release on Computer Club by Yaxu – the solo project of Alex Mclean, algorave pioneer and member of the seminal live coding band Slub. It comes in an immediately striking package of a clear plastic bag (about the size of a 45 rpm) containing an elegant matte black hardcover and a black and white USB card that looks great with a floppy disc logo. The USB card works as a memory stick for accessing the audio/bonus material and is also bootable, offering a Computer Club themed Linux Mint operating system with Tidal – a music streaming service – ready installed. In addition to the operating system there are six mp3 tracks and a bonus video, along with over 100 algorithmic Tidal patterns to explore, adapt and remix. The materials and combinations thereof are many, allowing the user to combine beats and melodies and create chaotic techno reworkings. All the music is fashioned using generative patterns specially developed by the artist over the last 15 years. The Tidal software now allows everyone to access and use this code in a rigorous manner, and is well-suited to live performance.


Yaxu – Peak Cut demo


Canute live in Jubez Karlsruhe Algorave