Objekt – Flatland



From Berlin, the current world capital of electro-techno, comes this debut album from Objekt. Composed between 2012 and 2014 there is no doubting the freshness of Flatland. The title is surely a reference to the homonymous Sci-Fi classic by Edwin Abbott given the mathematical sequences engaged by the composer. PAN did well to present the work in all of its metropolitan, synthetic, abstract and raw beauty. We can use Flatland as fuel to burn up the dance floor but it also works for more speculative and flaneurial listening – a fine line that few techno artists walk successfully. This question of genre stylization is a recurrent concern throughout all eleven tracks of Flatland: is it or is it not a club record? The line between what defines electronic music at an experimental level and in more popular genres has become more pronounced in recent years. Certainly Objekt’s sonic palette is particularly vivid for this genre, eschewing the usual temptation for certain penitential, metronomic sequences. Not to be missed are the multilayered beats, as well as some Teutonic dub enriched with vocoder-induced harmonies. The release, while also available as a CD, satisfies a certain fetishization of the offline and in the analogue in its double heavy vinyl 140 grams release, is perfect for the scrapes and scratches sure to be induced by the club environment.


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