Novellino, Rosi, Mazurek, Barnes – Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear


CD – Discreet

Before listening to Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, we first enjoyed the stylish and original artwork accompanying this release, including the shiny all-black CD, replete with grooves emulating the tracks on a vinyl record. The record is a collaborative project of Attilio Novellino, Saverio Rosi, Rob Mazurek and Tim Barnes. Here Novellino and Rosi, who in the past have operated under the moniker Sentimental Machines, worked together to recover instruments from the Lanificio Leo factory, using the old industrial textile machines to produce found sounds. The samples taken were used as raw material, with contributions added by Mazurek and Barnes, two musicians who come from areas linked to free form, experimentation and electroacoustic composition. The result functions like a classical quartet, where each musical element demands equal weight and importance. At the same time, the sound evokes a magical atmosphere, steeped in resonances of jazz, avant-garde, electronics and ambient sound. The combination of both analogue and digital instruments, coupled with field recordings and samples of various origins, always produces interesting results, provided the approach is not too heavy-handed. The project also features organs, guitars, treated basses and modular synthesizers and receivers. We’d like to imagine that an album with such a broad repertoire could appeal to a variety of audiences, perhaps even providing a gateway for particular genre aficionados – jazz enthusiasts for example – to approach more experimental production using electronics. This was a really enjoyable listen, full of interesting ideas, extremely refined and well executed.


Novellino/Rosi/Mazurek/Barnes – Objects in mirror are closer that they appear(SideA_Excerpt)


Novellino/Rosi/Mazurek/Barnes – Objects in mirror are closer than they appear (SideB_Excerpt)