Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello – Fable


CD – Dragon’s Eye

Flowing and melodic sounds, along with more abstract and obscure iterations, drones, ticks, elegiac airs and ancestral dirges overlay organic field recordings with elaborate and dense structures characterise Over Inland. Together, composers Lawrence Inglese and Stephen Vitiello weave a melancholy, dreamy soundspace. These artists are seasoned collaborators and together produced Acute Inbetweens for Crónica Electronica in 2011. In keeping with the album cover, Over Inland weaves sonic textures redolent of driftwood, gnarled, but at the same time full of cracks and gashes, hidden areas, elliptic in shape and reminiscent of some intricate nature. Dragon’s Eye Recordings are accustomed to such electroacoustic manipulations and hybrid landscapes, while the label losangelina, led by Yann Novak, shies away from such genre specialisations, focusing instead on interaction between sound-artists, as well as supporting and encouraging exchange between different musical approaches. In this production, however, the balance seems perfect and the sound space vibrates, permeated by intimate events. The compositions, resulting from modular synthesis, reference both acoustic and electronic techniques and together produce a magical suspension, seemingly outside of any sense of individuality and/or stylistic conformity.


Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello – Over Inland