Alessandra Eramo – Roars Bangs Booms


7” – Corvo

Alessandra Eramo is a singer, performer and sound-artist born in Taranto, Puglia, but now based in Berlin. Her experimental attitude is intertwined with a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional avant-garde, exploring relationships between voice and text in works that frequently involve drawings, videos, installations, symbolic narratives and visceral expressions. Roars Bangs Booms makes direct reference to “The Art of Noises” by Luigi Russolo and the thought that “the variety of noises is infinite.” Following on from Futurism we have the idea that with the proliferation of new forms of communication there has likely been an attendant amplification of perception, not simply due to imitation but also through the combinatorial aspects of contemporary imaginative processing. The insights of the avant-garde still seem to work in our “after modern” world, being able to suggest new strategies and artistic practices. Eramo’s work is soaked in phonetic poetry, free form improvisation, field recordings and non-music, border territories in which vocal elements are contextualized in urban acoustic environments. Her strategies are often inscrutable, although in this composition the vocals have been derived from eight onomatopoeic words extracted from the Futurist manifesto. This release is occasionally harsh but always deep and cohesive, leveraging a remarkable vocal technique and overlapping electronic fragments, a theremin, tape machines and contact microphones. It is fascinating listening to the last noise.


Musica Futurista. The Art of Noises: Roars Bangs Booms by Alessandra Eramo