Emiliano Romanelli – 333 Loops (Volume 1)


CD – Terziruolo

“The future is a monotonous instrument”, said Francis Picabia, imagining an instrument that nearly always preserves the same tone, repeating it at regular intervals. In 333 Loops Emiliano Romanelli has explored the motto of the surrealist painter and poet, recording a series of sound events using a modular system homonymous with the title of this album. The result is an immersive, persuasive and spiritual work that is easy to dive into. The Città Sant’Angelo (Abruzzo, Italy) native developed the system from 333 pre-recorded sound loops, taken from an archive created between 2008 and 2011. The archive contains sounds produced by software synthesizers that were played in different acoustic environments and recaptured by a variety of microphones and digital recorders. This is the second release by the Terziruolo label and Romanelli’s first solo album. It documents a live quadraphonic performance that took place in the medieval courtyard of the Ex Convento dei Cappuccini (a former monastery) of Colli del Tronto, as part of the Within 01 Festival (Sept 2013). Romanelli, who was once an active member of Tu M’ with Rossano Polidoro, has experience working with environmental implanting and loop-based editing (see for example Monochromes Vol.1 for LINE). The emotional and ethereal passages of the work are even cleaner here, thanks to meticulous mastering by Giuseppe Ielasi, another composer and sound manipulator very much appreciated in the international scenes. We should also mention Fabio Perletta, who joined the project as photographer and shot an interesting photo for the cover in the botanical garden of the Ex Convento.


Emiliano Romanelli – 333 Loops (Volume 1) – Excerpt # 1