“ “ [sic] Tim Goldie / Daniel Beban – Slakes


3CD + 48 Pages Book – Entr’acte

Released as an edition of only 300 copies – although this is perhaps not so unusual for a production of this kind – and paired with an ample 48-page booklet, this triple CD features the work of Tim Goldie and Daniel Beban. Together these two artists form a powerful and grandiose free-improvisation drums-and-guitar duo but their musical backgrounds are much wider. Daniel Beban is the author of several sound art works (on Thrill Jockey, Sphere and Fire Records) and often makes his own refined instruments, while Tim Goldie has joined many projects as instrumentalist and author (on Hibari, Matchless and Phono). The sound of this album is consistently refined, presenting primitive, hammering polyrhythms alongside dissonant, inflected sequences – all linked together by a series of intense vocals. The approach is at the same time noisy and electronic, energizing and abstract; in the booklet there are only track titles, written black on white in underlined bold capitals, as if trying to make some connection between the tracks and the sounds contained within. Between disseminations and feedback, the album reveals an aggression that is pure but not simple – an intricate structure of conceptual techniques or escamotage typical of the avant-garde noise movements. Everything is emphasized and muscular: this is the celebration of a radical militancy, which we can define musically as Baroque and cryptic: love it or hate it, you definitely won’t be left indifferent.

“ ”[sic] Tim Goldie/Daniel Beban: 32 tracks from SLAKES (E145)