Eric La Casa & Cédric Peyronnet – Zones Portuaires


2CD – Herbal International

The number of sound sources available in large harbour areas such as Le Havre in France and Liège in Belgium is immense. The coexistence of natural elements, uninhabited areas and industrial areas allow for special and interesting audio captures. In most of these cases the captures originated in locations that relate to the presence of human activities. The recording of many of these captures in Zones Portuaires was structured by the daily work schedules that dominate the areas, and many were captured in places normally forbidden to the public. Eric La Casa and Cédric Peyronnet decided to work separately: the work is divided into two different CDs, the result of live events that took place in September 2010 at the PiedNu festival in Le Havre and in the Chapelle Saint-Roch in the beautiful francophone city capital of the Walloon region. In both cases, the results are really fascinating and the people at Herbal International (the label that produced this release) should be very pleased. The site-specific investigation is developed with extreme coherence and the complexity of the work generates additional value thanks to the quality of the sounds and sequences, which are wonderfully framed and subjected (apart from a few cases) to some light and refined editing. The passages are filled with several dilated recordings but also with different kinds of audio emergencies and sounds: echoes, overlaps, winces, etc. Although such techniques are common heritage of an artistic wave that has been defined in a very coherent and sensitive way, the touch of the author remains individual and perceptible.


Cédric Peyronnet – kdi dctb 258 [b] from “Zones portuaires CD” – extract