Francisco Meirino – An Extended Meaning For Something Meaningless


CD – Auditory Field Theory

The audio captures of Francisco Meirino in An Extended Meaning For Something Meaningless become almost inessential – in this case the experimentation is focused on the audio spectrum: the electronics here are static and immanent, with slight vibrations and whispered undertones performed by an artist who doesn’t appear to be searching for something particularly essential and specific. The project is articulated in three tracks with no title and lasts about 44 minutes: it is based on the use of tools such as computers, piezoelectric sensors, tape recorders, modular synths, field recorders, electronic instruments and self-made electromagnetic sensors. There is a large range of sound elements: glitches, buzzes, metallic sounds and other singular audio emergencies: in some ways it works like contemporary cooking wherein something with a soft consistency and an involving taste is juxtaposed with more hard and crispy elements. Fraying sounds slowly dissolve, as fragments of memory that make this process of dissipation slow, however raw and expressive: the process constantly recalls a proud form of degradation, that we define magniloquent in its tangled composition. Compelling low frequencies, sharp hisses, crackles and winces are all to be found in Meirino’s collection, who juxtaposes the sections with great taste, skilfully arranging the main layers into charming polyphonies. Somehow he conceals the structures thanks to some meticulous “artisan” art. As a result, this work transmits a sense of frugal grace, a presence assembled with few, but vital elements.


Auditory Field Theory – AnExtendedEXTRACT
Francisco Meirino (An Extended Meaning for Something Meaningless)