Olaf Hochherz – Rooms To Carry Books Through


CDR 3″ – 1000füssler

Olaf Hochherz is a specialist. His CDR and mini-albums, released between 2007 and 2013, were released on very underground labels such as Desetxea, Naivsuper and Kwanyin. Now on 1000füssler, he presents us with a 50 copy limited edition CDR 3″ release, recorded and mixed entirely in Berlin with a very experimental set-up. Ten switchable loudspeakers distributed sound in a room, while sound iterations were created using contact microphones and piezoelectric loudspeakers placed inside a book. The book acted as a filter and a resonating device, without any frills or unnecessary controls, modulating the feedback of the elements. Pushing on the upper part of the book, the artist was able to create changes in the flux of the sound. If we understand correctly Hochherz was aiming to create an electronic system with a very abstract physicality. Control over sound was not dependant only technical equipment, but focussed on associative fields generated in realtime. Due to the instability – physical and theoretical – of the connections and to the associative capacity of the sounds, the flow features some blanks. However, the record remains attractive and moody, characterized by a granular and abrasive lo-fi spirit. Rooms To Carry Books Through emphasizes the relationship between the devices and the surrounding environment, giving life to abstract sounds and odd electric mixes: the result is unstable and minimal, but also very intimate, lively and filled with potential relationships.