Ingenting Kollektiva – Lost Beyond Telling


CD – Invisible Birds

Between the cover notes of Lost Beyond Telling, released by Invisible Birds, we immediately we notice the participation of a master of ambient music, known for the excellence of his highly dilated, organic and synthetic sounds. Choosing Taylor Dupree to master this work was a perfect move. The sound-artist is on the same wavelength as the musical sequences organized by Johannes d’Église and Matthew Swiezynsk, whose atmospheres are very meditative, elegiac and evocative. The two experimenters have given life to fragments created out of a re-interpretation of the album Fragments Of Night, released by the Ingenting Kollektiva and now enriched with additional materials from works by JS Bach, Ingmar Bergman and Olivier Messiaen. The background is clearly inspired by the work of modern French poets such as Charles Baudeilaire, Yves Bonnefoy and Philippe Jaccotet: in spite of those influences, this complex work also features drones, patterns, overlapping elements, highly fluid sounds, dynamic dark passages and iterations lacking quietism. Those feelings are underlined by the images (there is a video released with the album): the sequences are in motion and vibrate in a very vivid manner. The video is the result of the partnership between Matthew Swiezynskand and Tarrl Lightowler (image, editing, sound), with the participation of another sound artist – this time Italian – Giuseppe Ielasi, who also contributed to the mastering. Finally, the images and the sounds realized by Diane Granahan playing the harmonium are really enchanting; the result is deep, iterative visions, delicate and elusive.