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Many foods such as coffee, wine, chocolate and honey belong to the list of foods commonly used that as a result of ongoing climate change, could soon lose or do not grow in the same regions or with the same methods used up to today. Waiting for future, the artists Miriam Simun and Miriam Songster decided to bring on the street from Philadelphia to New York, a taste of what could be our future supply. GhostFood, a truck equipped to distribute a small selection of artificial substitutes for foods at risk of extinction, showed into three menus: cod, peanut butter and chocolate. Ordering one of these you receive everything you need to enjoy the “meal of the future”: real food, all thought to be resistant to climate change and a device to be worn like as a pair of glasses. The device, giving off smells very similar to dishes on the menu chosen, in a style almost “buñuellian”, takes the viewer into his personal experience in search of his own “Ghost Food”. The two artists, who in the past had worked respectively with food and odors (remember the Simun’s cheese made from human milk and the Songster’s installation Stop and Smell ___ in which she recreated a balm from Cleopatra’s perfume) have joined forces to give their audience an experience that allows room for a wide set of thoughts and reactions that can range from experiencing how the senses combine to create the perception of flavor, to reflect on the changes to which the human race are going to meet, through the concept of olfactory memory. Benedetta Sabatini