AAVV – 70 Years Of Sunshine


2CD in DVD box – Monotype

Over the last few decades many people have paid homage to Albert Hofmann, the ultra-famous Swiss chemist who meritoriously synthetized LSD-25. In 1993, at the height of the rave wave that reached as far as San Francisco, Kim Cascone was asked by Silent Records to produce a very special set of recordings. A collection of separate tracks on a double cd, this is a very uncommon release that includes musical productions inspired by the first trip in world history – a colourful hallucination caused by chance after a small amount of the substance fell on the scientist’s hand during an experiment. Fundamental to psychedelic experiences are audio-visual exchanges, so it is not tha case that “50 Years Of Sunshine” (the title of the original edition) emphasized the imagination and introspection of that epochal dream. Twenty years later Cascone has updated the theme, engaging a group of visionary sound manipulators including Kawabata Makoto, Lord Tang, Chihei Hatakeyama, Makyo, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Legendary Pink Dots, Ethernet, Invisible Path, Phil Legard, Andrew Liles, Rapoon, Komora A, Darius Ciuta, Mike Rooke, Lonely Crowd, Mystical Sun, Mirt, Ceremonial Dagger, Cotton Ferox and Andy Rantzen. The overall feel is of course influenced by the freak aesthetics of lysergic counterculture, moving from field recordings to elegiac passages, from minimalisms to distressed caesurae. Last but not least, we should mention the ingenious artwork created by Cascone himself that includes some absorbent “stamps” and a very colorful booklet.

Pelican Daughters – The Bicycle Ride (taken from: V/A – “70 Years of Sunshine” mono070)

Love Spirals Downwards – kykeon (50 Years Of Sunshine Mix)

Kawabata Makoto – Lost Milky Way (taken from: V/A – “70 Years of Sunshine” mono070)