Jean Dubuffet – Expériences Musicales (II)

Jean Dubuffet

2CD – Rumpsti Pumsti
Expériences Musicales leaves a strong impression on the listener and is part of a small number of recordings that have “anticipated” the history of contemporary music. Jean Dubuffet, a multiform creative mind, influenced a large part of twentieth century music with his concept of art bruitiste, a very radical and immediatist movement that began in the early sixties The aesthetic-existentialist categories of the time were fully rejected by Dubuffet, who has found inspiration in artforms outside the conventional (graffiti, art realized by mentally sick people, prisoners, children and the “naive”), and tried to emulate those qualities in his own work. So, beginning with a very clear aesthetic idea shaped in the raw experience of everyday life, in the art-life relationship (also one of the basic themes of surrealism), the disposition to produce a sound experience characterized by immediate and terse communication is keenly felt. Dubuffet worked on this project in the early sixties with his friend the Danish painter Asger Jorn, one of the founders of the CoBrA group and Internationale Situationniste. The approach is clearly based on improvisation: Asger Jorn had experience with violin and trumpet, while Dubuffet had some familiarity with the piano, although the effect they were aiming at was very unconventional, the result of an authentic creative impulse. This new double CD at last collects the last 11 tracks lacking in the 1991 reprint, making the complete recordings available to new audiences.