Mark McGuire – Get Lost

Mark McGuire

CD – Editions Mego
The acoustic and electric sequences of this new production written by Mike McGuire are immediately dreamy, circular and iterated. Sounds and reworks (mainly of guitar) are unraveled in gentle drones, hanging in the balance between new-age and post-rock experimentalism, cleverly deconstructed between delays and reverberations, thanks to a tenuous bucolic psychedelia. Mark McGuire is not new to such environments but in the title track, “Get Lost”, the overlaps multiply, making room for refined phrasing and synthetic, hypnotic movements. A nearly religious silence filters in the combinations, which are contrived in freaky and persuasive ways, often insistent in the weavings but never oppressive – always temperate in the wandering fluxes; expressions of a quite conciliatory and emphatic nature. “Constellations Firefly” closes this Mego Editions project, a long 20-minute score; bubbling, beatific and sober, with fluid and ecstatic interweavings, placidly glitch and pulsating. Here are atmospheres that lightly and wistfully inspire a really comfortable listening, full of an energy that overflows with sentimentalism, memory and nostalgia. Sequences sometimes phlegmatic or passionate, but never vacuous, are imbued with lyricism and movement. This production perhaps does not stand out for innovation and “conceptualism”, but the results are very decent, enjoyable and full of nuance, with a sacred and melancholic mood at its backbone