Party Catani – Lowfistication

Party Catani

CD – Cock Rock Disco
Behind the moniker ‘Party Catani’ hides Patric Catani Cremer, Hank Candle, The Very Impossible Person and Toytone. The members of this crew are all devoted to weird and extreme sonic elaborations, especially Patric, who boasts of having a “chiptune” background – a kind of music in which the sounds are all synthesized in real-time by a computer chip or a console. This term also now refers to some contemporary compositions that recreate these kind of sounds). However in “Lowfistication” the approach seems to be more fun, and the “Catani family” have prepared the audience for an effective vintage mood, forged in the guise of some of the latest jumpstyle rave – a sound whose coordinates they haven’t pinpointed exactly in this irreverent patchwork and offbeat cut for metropolitan dancefloors. Absolute energy flares and anarchist flashes peep out in the collection, commissioned by Cock Rock Disco (of Jason Forrest aka Donna Summer), an independent label already accustomed to breakcore but comfortable with all the new (and the old) stylistic contaminations, especially when eccentric. Here the sounds (from hardcore to fidget, passing through acid and gabber) are not referred to in any way as a “conceptualisation”. The audio-abuse is more direct and toxic and any kind of mediation is allowed. Compared to the label’s past productions, however, you lose a little roughness and gain good vibrations, which in our opinion is not to be judged in a negative way.