Tweetagraph, twitting in Morse code


Tweetagraph is a telegraph device that can tweet. While normally telegraphing in Morse code, this device is able to decode points and lines and transform them into a tweet. It is connected to another device using Arduino equipment on which the Firmata software is installed; allowing the software to communicate easily with the processing language. All the devices are naturally connected to acomputer and to Twitter. The instructions for the making the Tweetagraph and the open-source code are provided by the creator Joe McKay under the Creative Commons license. The equipment aesthetic is rather basic and reminds of steampunk, strictly following the path of similar crossbred reworks of old and new technologies. However, because of the fact that a telegraph machine has been chosen as the central device of the setup, we don’t have to only call this work an odd engineering fantasy. At one time telegraph technology led to an enormous historical telecommunications revolution. The idea of translating Morse code, an international standard used for the sea communications until recently, into the 140 characters of an (apparently insignificant) tweet made us think that the continuous and exponential “twitting” is characterized by an issue of universality.
Chiara Ciociola