Attilio Novellino – Through Glass

Attilio Novellino

CD – Valeot
Attilio Novellino is a musician-experimenter and a native of Catanzaro, whose sound is strongly soaked in a dark and intense cinematic appeal with echoes of post-rock music. Here we find dissonances and environmental melodies together with liquefied sequences, drones and auditory whirlpools. Melancholic soundscapes, plushy textures and dark, charming tones are set among static frequencies and movement-generating reverberations. Through the 10 tracks the album manages to create an orchestral sensibility that is amalgamated with guitar elaborations, deep basses, comforting piano sounds, field recordings and floating patterns. The atmospheres induce the listener to a contemplative and emotionally-open frame of mind. Enrico Coniglio has also had an impact on the record, especially in the first track “A footpath for night dancers”, one of the most touching of the entire album. Looking through a glass, reality can offer a thinner game of transparencies, can make a perception deformed or more intense. The sum of the details of an environment is connected to our ability to be available to the narration, although this sometimes may be affected by a precisely determined stylistic choice, misleading us in the direct relationship with the work. However the result here is amazing and finally the electric threads are involving, carrying us to an abstract and idyllic space, melancholic but definitely comfortable.