Luigi Turra – Ki


CD – and/OAR

Luigi Turra presents three CDs in a single release for and/OAR, including an equal number of extended and distinct compositions – Enso, Ancient Silence and Shasekishu respectively. From the beginning the trilogy by the Italian sound artist imprints itself in guise of a full-bodied electroacoustic continuum but with hints of minimalism. “Enso”, had already been published in Small Voices in 2007 and the current version corrects the mistakes that were made in mastering that seminal version. “Ancient Silence”, too, had already seen the light in a self-produced edition and now appears in a more dilated version, wrapping us in the spires of a surgically articulated and essential sound, fascinating and deep. Only “Shasekishu” – then – embodies the new course of manipulations for the maestro based in Schio. The composer has already published for labels such as Non Visual Objects, Dragon’s Eye, Trente Oiseaux, Koyuki and Unfathomless, to cite just a few. The approach is still typical Turra, with sounds permeated with oriental influences, aesthetics and philosophy leaking out from every groove, all-involving matter-energy that permeates every molecule of our ecosystem. In the forty-five minutes of the recording the envelopes are thinner and imbued with rhythmic jumps, synthetic drones and digital eddies before becoming gentler, more melodic, even more tactile, deeply mysterious and immersive, emotional and elliptical. A flawless result that consecrates this musician as one of the most interesting of the Italian school.