Martin Tétreault + Le Quatuor De Tourne-Disques – Points, Lignes Avec Haut-Parleurs

Martin Tétreault

CD – Oral
Even with its ultra-minimalist conceptualization, this collection of very abstract and harsh sound elaborations – made by manipulating turntables – manages to function as a kind of “symbolic scratching”. Designed by Martin Tétreault and produced by Magali Babin, David Lafrance, Alexander MacSween and Nancy Tobin, the recording is organized into ten different tracks and divided into those pieces that can technically be called compositions and others – instead – that are the result of improvisation. It is hard to separate the results of the different approaches, as common ground is found through hyperbolic references to “turntablism”. Interpretation always takes place in a context and the obvious thread here is – of course – the technical virtuosity of DJs. Martin Tétreault is not new to this type of production, having been a DJ for real: to this end we also recall his work in “Des gestes défaits” with Bernard Falaise, as well as collaborations with Philip Jeck and Otomo Yoshihide, other artists who are often engaged in similar meta-linguistic operations.