Alexander Rishaug – Shadow Of Events

Alexander Rishaug

CD – Dekorder
Recorded in Oslo between 2006 and 2010, then mixed in Berlin, “Shadow Of Events” is the third solo album by Alexander Rishaug, a sound-artist prone to the use of field recordings, modulated together with various electronic devices and both traditional and non-traditional instruments. The sound emanating from the five tracks here is often melancholic, infused with restless melodies and romantic thrills, full of melodic shapes peeking through the elusive folds, unraveled in sweet harmonic articulations. This is chamber music in a more contemporary form, developed with ambient layers and drones. Gently manipulating the frequencies, the artist calibrates a digital-acoustic mix, with a hard to define origin and structure. Quietist electronica, we might say, yet never conventional in the qualities expressed; full of extremely smooth digressions, poised between fuller beats and sweeter sounds, generating an alluring aural experience that is stylistically composed and does not capitulate into saggy atmospheres.