Molly Berg, Olivia Block, Steve Roden & Stephen Vitiello – Moss

Molly Berg

CD – 12k
Molly Berg, Olivia Block, Steve Roden and Stephen Vitiello, have created an interesting live project recorded in the Trinity Cathedral in San Jose, California. The audio performance, part of the comprehensive program of the Biennial 01SJ Festival, an event focused on futuristic imagination and contemporary culture, is effectively calibrated in its improvisational approach, full of arrangements and sophisticated passages, made even more alluring by the very particular acoustic that bursts clearly from the environment, for the most part covered with old wood and carpet. The sacred space has obviously encouraged the sense of calmness that pervades the acoustic sequences, interspersed with field recordings and electronic inserts, enriched by guitar derivations (lap steel and electro respectively). Extemporaneous confluences, charming and imaginative, proof of a rarefied musicality, a result of the common search for spontaneity, skillfully manipulated, minimal yet intense, heavy with presages and passion.