Jason Kahn – Beautiful Ghost Wave

Jason Kahn

CD – Herbal International
From the title, “Beautiful Ghost Wave”, we already expect ethereal and intangible sounds, an impression immediately confirmed in this work by Jason Kahn. The record employs a crafty expansion and contraction of the sequences, made using the first analog synthesizers, audio mixers and contact microphones as well as short-wave radios and electromagnetic coils. The recordings were made by putting the microphones in front of the speakers directly behind the artist, in order to produce a greater acoustic sense between the generated sounds and space, modulated in the rarefied action of physical movements. These recordings were then edited and rearranged, bringing together several previous “captures” and manipulations, with an emphasis on “hearing between the lines”, the equivalent of “reading between the lines” when thought of in terms of sharpness and musical sensitivity. The changes between tones and volumes are fascinating, in both rich and faint passages that alternate with silences to create mutating textures, where emotion is still present, even in the uncertainty of the artfully arranged processes.