Emanuele Errante – Time Elapsing Handheld

Emanuele Errante

CD – Karaoke Kalk
Digital-acoustic mixes, delicate lullabies and ambient scores. Overlapping textures sometimes develop from a single note, among meandering drones and clear harmonic articulations. All of Emanuele Errante’s electro-acoustic wisdom comes together in the seven tracks (including two bonus ones in the digital edition) of “Time Elapsing Handheld”, a record that moves between dreamy emotions and narrative plots with a more rural than urban flavor. The sounds are vibrant with emotional charge, field recordings and rarefied electronica, teetering between modernity and classicism. Melancholy emerges more clearly in “Counterclockwise” and the harmonies are slightly deviant in “Dorian’s Mirror, While On Memoirs”, impalpable in its barely audible whispers. Sounds that show an evanescent and claustrophobic attention are scattered among sound loops and the cacophonous reproduction of a piano, guitar or harp. It is worth emphasizing the participation of Simon Scott of Slowdive in “Made To Give”, an episode that is wide open and quietly dreamy, vibrant and magical.