Francisco Meirino & Brent Gutzeit – Five Years Of Work For A Strange Result

Francisco Meirino

Mp3 – Trust Lost
Flawlessly integrated in this project – the result of five years of collaboration – are the broken electro-acoustic frequencies of Francisco Meirino and the drones and highly sensitive, intense pulses of Brent Gutzeit. These are two experimenters very familiar with dynamic digital jumps and unconventional sound research. The former is well-known for his interesting releases under the moniker Phroq, while the latter is a specialist of elegant noisy caesuras, very versatile and still active in TV Pow, a laptop trio, a combo which also includes Todd A. Carter and Michael Hartman. In this release it is not always easy to determine the moments when one or other audio-artist assumes control, whether the ruptures are the result of light beats or the opposite, but this matters little in the overall economy of the ten different tracks, which are juxtaposed in a hyper-vivid continuum, never dull, sometimes melancholic, whispering and highly imaginative. There are also field recordings between the grooves (never predominant in the sequences) that have been heavily processed and combine to express a collage of very refined and intriguing sounds.