Noish – Free SS 15


CD – Free Software Series
Inspired by “Noise & Capitalism”, a book and audio-cd by Mattin & Anthony Iles – a sharp and tendentious reflection on the political role of noise – this fifteenth implementation of the Free Software Series features another radical sound activist, Oscar Martin, aka Noish, an experimenter whose work is as “cryptic” as the aforementioned text, but still effective in its presentation of a “transcoding”. This work makes use of performative meta-criticism as it reintroduces the same doubts about musical stereotypes and the dynamics related to them as “noise” and “subversive frequencies”. “What fascinates me about digital media is that you can transform anything that can be decoded into 0s and 1s, crossing different forms and languages,” says Noish, an author for whom “sound can be transformed into image” just as the DNA of a cauliflower can become a sound piece. The result is a combination of software such as Shell, Pure Data and ARdour, together with other devices, tape and cassette recorders, mixer feedbacks, the summa of a productive “pauperism” which is actually very fruitful and imaginative.