Lugano Fell – Slice Repair

Lugano Fell

CD – Baskaru
Lugano Fell is a solo project by James Taylor, a founding member of the tech house duo Swayzak, a combo that for more than a decade has been active in the field of electronic-dance. Taylor – apparently – must have wanted to take a break to try a different approach, one even more abstract and cinematic, with detailed, non-conventional sounds. The refined sequences in “Slice Repair” seem to rise in a very prudent way, counterbalanced by a whole set of compositional techniques widely practiced in recent years: heavy use of samples alternating with clusters of sounds and more subdued and sparse passages; frequent glitches complemented by noisy intrusions; and sound collages of various kinds, both acoustic and digital. The minimalist textures still interweave, there’s a certain electro-acoustic taste present and a pinch of post-rock emerges among the granular soundscapes and drones, musique concrete and atmospheric patterns. In short, style and technique – and we don’t know what prevails – useful for chasing emotions that in clubbing practices are shadowed by energy and physicality.