Autistici (Reworked) – Resonating Wires


CD -Audiobulb
David Newman, head honcho of Audiobulb, is back as Autistici, this time remixed by a large group of colleagues, all well-known producers in the contemporary experimental electronic scene. From the first sequences Simon Scott (former drummer of Slowdive and collaborator with Brian Eno) gives us a rarefied, cryptic, sensitive and abstract soundscape. Soon the mood turns more airy with the sweetly melodic evolution by Bluermutt and the synthetic resonances of Sawako, a microsound chanteuse with a Venusian charm. Dazed lunar lullabies in “Isan Ice Later”, are followed by the delicate juxtapositions of Justin Waris and by the dilated and aesthetic scores of Ian Hawgood and Danny Norbury. The album ends with He Can Jog (Erik Schoster), a digital manipulator who remains delicate and dreamy, poetically ambient and elegiac. Mention must also be made of Richard Chartier and Francisco Lopez, who reiterate their skills at forming avant-garde twists and passages, consumed in reductionist beats, resonant and stylized.