AAVV – International Sound Art Festival: Playing With Words – Live


CD – Gruenrekorder
The “Playing With Words” festival stems from a collaboration between “Kulturnetz Frankfurt e.V.” and “CRiSAP”(Creative Research into Sound Art Practice). The first is a nonprofit organization promoting cultural events and courses, while the other is a department of the London College of Communication. CRiSAP has been active in sound research, organizing performances, conferences, the development of specific software, multimedia publishing and audio-art – the result of interdisciplinary work in poetry, music, dance, visual arts and sciences. At a meeting held in 2009 at the Gallus Theatre in Frankfurt there were six “spoken word artists” (Joerg Piringer, Ansuman Biswas, Dirk Huelstrunk, Sianed Jones, Nye Parry and Jaap Blonk) in attendance, filmed without frills by Bernhard Bauser. The footage is organized in an interesting 103-minute-long DVD report and features remarkable vocal techniques and a very direct style, deliberately “bare” and traditionally “genre”, even though it contains electronic music and some videographic projections, pervaded mostly by ethnic and improvisational imagery.