R E < O R D S, records mutate into apps

“Net label” is the established definition of record labels that produce only mp3 files and usually give them away (or sometimes even sell them) online. Delaware, an atypical Japanese music/design group, has established “R E < O R D S”, an “iPhone/iPodTouch label” selling their products as apps. The music product in this embodiment mutates into an app, being a self-sufficient “player” containing the music. They are on sale as “records”, sticking, in a nice media paradox, with the vinyl form, but making it virtual. So they have covers, for example and the player effectively emulates a classic vinyl record player. So it’s possible to use fingertips to pick up the “spinning record” and drop where the listener wants (thanks to the touchscreen). And to add a little bit of magic; to access the B-side users must flip the iPhone (as if we’d flip the record). Closer to 7” or EPs these “records” are re-enabling some instinctive “gestures”, delightfully exploiting our iPhone interface infatuation.