Patricia Bosshard & Simon Grab – MRI

Patricia Bosshard & Simon Grab

CD – Everest
With a limited edition CD, which contains a library of sounds with 80 samples, the experimental Swiss duo of Patricia Bosshard and Simon Grab debuts for Everest Recordings. All sounds are recorded using an MRI scanner (Magnet Resonance Imaging), a technology primarily known for its diagnostic and medical use based on the action of magnetic fields and radio frequencies. It’s no coincidence that in the credits the authors also mention two renowned hospitals (imagine for a moment trying to realize such a project in a public hospital in Italy): it must not have been easy – you can tell – to create such vibrations (even though the opportunity to make this project came accidentally) as it somehow subverts a difficult situation for “aesthetic” purposes. The result is very valuable and for the quality of the production – harsh but very defined, micro minimal and hypnotic – we think it might also be interesting to “deep-electro” ears, usually far removed from this kind of abstraction.