Black Lung – The Soul Consumer

Black Lung

CD – Ad Noiseam
New implementations by David Thrussell, who once again renews his personal approach to production, on the one hand remain faithful to the artist’s reputation, while also proving him an oblique talent, equally at home whether melding acid and hard techno vibrations, or operating in more delicate sound installations, modulating different kinds of knowledge steeped in electronica and experimentalism. The sounds of The Soul Consumer unfold according to a somewhat rough and adventurous plot, constructed with solid beats and equally muscular grafts, rock-driven and with a strong base to emphasize the stinging industrial noise digressions. The Australian musician keeps the climax high in almost all the fifteen tracks of this release, allowing himself only sparse moments for pause and introverted melodies, mostly preferring to modulate glitchy and pounding lines that are a little robotic and fractured in their succession. Thrussell – however – is always prone to imbalances and contortions, capable of sublime moments and sudden changes of state.