Greie Gut Fraktion – Baustelle

Greie Gut Fraktion

CD – Monika Enterprise

This is the debut album and the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between AGF and Gudrun Gut. The former is a 360° digital artist, a talented member of a multidisciplinary approach to combinatorial experiments of electronic audio-visual streams, while the latter is a seminal member of Einstürzende Neubauten. They perhaps form an atypical couple but one that accurately combines transversal energies, reporting on a “site in construction” – a not too cryptic allegory of the condition of contemporary Germany: a nation looking to “reinvent” itself through creating jobs and making sacrifices. The project aim to present an alternative tourist Eden, one suspended between youth culture and trendy sound mixes. Their inspiration – particularly noticeable in “Baustelle” – seems to be conducted through strong text emergencies, minimal techno and dub mixes, with industrial and dreamlike inflections (in fact Gudrun Gut hosts a radio show in Berlin along with Thomas Fehlmann). Patterns are modulated in rather raw and severe ruptures, soaked in an inorganic sexy “high authorial amateurism”, maintaining the aplomb of the project in a glamorous, feminine and Teutonic way thanks to an exciting and sincere conceptual crossover.